Trapezoidal Screw and Nut

  • The trapezoidal screw and nuts are used as movement screws as they grip each other without a gap.
  • The helical angles of the trapezoidal screws are large,so that the friction forces between the teeth are less due to the small angles of the ends.
  • The trapezoidal screw and nuts can be produced full, both sided or one sided.
  • The trapezoidal screw and nuts can be done with different materials such as ST-37, ST-42, SAE-1030, SAE-1040, stainless etc.
  • Trapezoidal screws can be produced between 5 mm to 120mm diameter ; and between 4 cm to 6m length.
  • Coating can be done for desired properties.
  • Special trapezoidal screw and the counter gears for special applications are designed and produced.
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