Threaded rod and Studs - DIN 976

  • Beside their usage for various purposes, threaded rod and studs are mainly used in steel construction and streching, hanging systems as a connecting element.
  • Regarding of demand, they can be produced as entirely threaded (threaded rod), one- sided or two- sided threaded (stud) as well as their production for special applications.
  • Their production can be done with different materials such as ST-37, ST-42, SAE-1030, SAE-1040, stainless etc.
  • In the case of length, they can be produced from 4cm to 6m, while it is between 5mm to 60mm for the dimensions.
  • Coating can be done for desired properties.
  • Special threaded rod and studs for special applications are designed and produced.
  • It can also be produced as trapeze (square) threaded if it is required.
Threaded rod and Studs