Anchor and Anchor Studs

Anchors & Anchor Rods are used in constructions, in hard beton, basis beton, steel constructions and in the production of viaducts, bridges and roads.

Threaded rod and Studs

Beside their usage for various purposes, threaded rod and studs are mainly used in steel construction and streching, hanging systems as a connecting element.

Reinforcement Cages Connector ( Bored Pile )

Reinforcement construction connector is designed to be used in connection of equipment used in systems for fore piles etc.


A bolt is a form of threaded fastener with an external male thread. The bolt is compatible with nuts and washers of the same thread pitch, grade, and finish.

U-bolt ve Square bolt

U- bolt and square bolts are shifting point elements which are generally used in vertical and horizontal systems. Their basic functions are to provide the stability and to prevent the expansion of pipes.


The nuts can be produced from M5 to M130 as well as for bigger dimensions for wrench jaws.

Trapezoidal Screw and Nut

The trapezoidal screw and nuts are used as movement screws as they grip each other without a gap.

Motor and Pump Tie Rod Studs

  • These special studs are used to connect motor and pump parts together. Especially for submersiable stainless pumps and motors.